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As you envision bringing Stookey’s At Your Service

to your next event or party, know that we are flexible in our offerings:

Beer & Wine Service

Our Beer and wine service includes: 

- Red, white and/or sparkling wine 

- Bottled beer 

 -Bottled Coke or Sprite

- Still or Sparkling water

- One bartender per 100 guests 

custom cocktail Service

Our Custom Cocktail Service includes:

- Beer and Wine Service 

- Custom cocktail creations for your

  specific event

- Bottled Coke or Sprite

- One Bartender per 50 Guests

Specialty cocktail


Our Specialty Cocktail Service includes:

- Beer and Wine Service

- One or more preselected specialty         cocktails from our menu

- One Bartender per 75 Guests

full bar cocktail Service

Our Full Bar Cocktail Service includes: 

- Custom Cocktail Service

- Select spirits for call cocktails

- Vermouth, Fresh Juice, Bitters

- One Bartender per 35 Guests

top shelf cocktail Service

Our Top Shelf Cocktail Service includes: 

- Full Bar Cocktail Service 

- Custom Selection of Top Shelf Spirits,   Liqueurs and Digestifs

- Seltzer Water, Fresh Citrus

- One Bartender per 25 Guests

"A reminder that these are just examples of what we bring.... Each offering is customized to the client's needs."

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