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Experience authentic 1930’s style and sophistication, with carefully crafted classic cocktails and service that is beyond compare at your next San Francisco Bay Area event!

Whether you are looking for a one-of- a-kind party that will transport you back in time or simply a very special evening complete with delicious libations, we will be happy to provide just that and more!

We bring the spirits, the bartenders, music and any other elements you can imagine to complete your unique and classic cocktail hour. You choose what you want and we will make it happen!

Contact Aaron for more information.

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our offerings

As you envision bringing Stookey’s At Your Service to your next event or party, know that we are flexible in our offerings:


Beer & Wine Service


Top Shelf Cocktail Service

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“When entering Stookey’s Club Moderne, we want patrons to feel a hint of the magic of stepping back in time,” says owner and bartender Tim Stookey.

And indeed you do, except that instead of crossing into the age of speakeasies, as has been the trend with many local cocktail bars, Club Moderne ushers you into the Post-Prohibition golden era of the 1930s and 1940s. The decor, furniture, music and architectural accents are straight from the Streamline Moderne design period, an evolution of Art Deco that sought to remove some of the ornamental elements and instead focus on form and function.

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